Our Different Programs

All nonprofits have been fully vetted to assure at least $0.80 of every $1.00 goes toward the cause

Joint Venture Pay Platinum Connectors have been specially vetted and approved to work with

Joint Venture Pay clients

Our Platinum Connectors are nonprofits that have become introduction partners with Joint Venture Pay and

Pay it Forward Processing. 

They are nationally supported and recognized by clients of Joint Venture Pay and Pay it Forward Processing. 

To provide the highest service to our nonprofits, we cap the Platinum Connectors at 14 nonprofits.

Our Community Connectors are nonprofits that participate in our program, but are not nationally supported. 

They are supported solely by the businesses within their community. 

Our Associate Connectors are nonprofits who have participated in our program in the past, but no longer do. 

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