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  • Can we, as a charity, designate portions of every swipe from our account to go back to us?"
    Yes, after your charity has been vetted and approved by our board and you begin processing with either Joint Venture Pay or Pay it Forward Processing.
  • Do my credit card processing rates increase when I participate in the ESBCharity program?
    No, absolutely not! It does not take any additional money to participate.
  • How does the fundraiser work?
    The process is very simple and straightforward. Your responsibilites as a nonprofit are: - Go through our vetting process to become a beneficiary - Look into tranferring your credit card processing to PFProcessing or Joint Venture Pay - Be introduced to your personal account officer and create a game plan for sustainable income - We recommend introducing us to a minimum of 20 businesses throughout the year
  • Can we use the ESBCharity program as a fundraiser for our charity even if we don't use PFProcessing or Joint Venture Pay's credit card services?
    Yes, we'd love to help you make money for your cause, once you have completed our vetting process.
  • If I introduce you to my friend and they begin using PFProcessing or Joint Venture Pay within their business, am I guarenteed the proceeds from every swipe of their merchant account go back to my charity?"
    Yes! Absolutely. You will even receive a breakdown of how much each business donated to you.
  • How does ESBCharity choose its charity beneficiaries?
    They must complete an application and go through our in-depth vetting process, and be approved by our ESBCharity board, which includes a minimum of 80 cents of each dollar going toward the cause.
  • Why are 20 businesses recommended to set up a charity beneficiary?
    We want to help you raise as much money as possible. We have found that 20 businesses is the magic number to make that happen. We also like giving away comma checks. ($1,000+)
  • How do the charities receive the donations?
    The donations are sent out on a monthly basis through the ESBCharity Foundation.
  • Does the charity know our business is responsible for the donation?
    Absolutely! A protion of every swipe is donated in your company name, so you receive recognition for your philanthropy. We simply could not do this without you!
  • What are some national charities you currently donate to?
    They change on a needs basis, and we continually take applications. You are able to choose from our carefully vetted list.
  • What percentage goes to the charity?
    As with any merchant account, fees and percentages are paid to maintain service. There are many different factors that come into play, so donation amounts vary based on type of business, how it processes, volume, etc. The owners, Renee and David, donate a portion of every swipe once all fees are taken out. It averages from 0.05% to 1% of every transaction.
  • Do participating businesses get a tax write off?
    No, we don't raise your rates or charge extra fees to allow businesses to be part of the ESBCharity program. As the owners, Renee and David, donate the money, they receive the tax deduction. However, we always accept matching donations from businesses, allowing you do have the tax write off.
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