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Changing the World, One Charity at a Time

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Every Swipe Benefits Charity started in 2014 when the founder, Renee VanHeel, saw the desperate need for a new way to fund raise. After losing her home in the 2007 San Diego wildfires, she created Fired Up Sisters; a collective nonprofit helping the families rebuild their lives after natural disasters. In 5 years Fired Up Sisters collected over $5 million in goods and services. Renee filed for a grant to help Fired Up Sisters grow. Little did she know one of her friends went in for the same grant with a different nonprofit. Renee received the grant, but at the cost of her friend losing her job.

ESBCharity provides funding for nonprofits through credit card processing. In the 5 years of helping others, we have been able to donate $283,000. Our goal is to be able to donate $1 Million a year.

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