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Shelter to Soldier: Changing Lives, Two at a Time

War changes people. Soldiers go through more in one day than most people face in a lifetime. When they come home, we expect them to be the same person that left, but what happens when they aren't?

Many soldiers come home with brain injuries, PTSD, and many other issues they aren't prepared to deal with. Shelter to Soldier (STS) has been a light of hope for many vets. Unlike other organizations that help train dogs to be service animals, STS works with the soldier and the animal to make sure they are compatible and healthy for each other at no cost to the vet.

STS has been part of ESBCharity for 4 years. We have been able to come alongside STS and watch them grow and impact so many lives. The power of an animal is an amazing thing to watch.

On Thursday, March 7, ESBCharity had the opportunity to present their 2018 annual donation check of $4,738.66. Standlee's and Haute Homes were two of the supporting businesses that attended the event. Everyone had time to talk to some of the soldiers that had gone through the STS program, meet some of the dogs, and see the vision STS has for the future.

Our 2019 goals for STS; to sponsor at least 1 dog at the cost of $15,000. With this donation, Shelter to Soldier can focus their time and funds on helping more lives and restoring families.

If you or someone you know is struggling to find their new normal after coming home from the military and don't know where to turn, please reach out to Shelter to Soldier.


or Call: 855-287-8659

2018 Donation Check

Mock Bedroom used for training

Everyone meeting some of the service dogs

Mock living room used for training

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